What Are SureSmile Aligners? 

There’s something radiant about someone who is confident in their smile. If you are ready to invest in your smile, Hallock Family Dental is proud to offer SureSmile Clear Aligners as a cosmetic solution to patients in McKinney and Allen in Texas.

What Are SureSmile Aligners?

SureSmile Aligners are a cosmetic dental solution that fits comfortably into your goals and lifestyle. SureSmile Aligners are clear and virtually invisible teeth straighteners and will be created to custom-fit your unique smile and your unique smile journey.

What Is A Benefit Of Clear Aligners When Compared To Traditional Metal Braces?

Compared to traditional metal braces, you can expect SureSmile clear aligners to be a much more comfortable choice. You can expect your lips and cheeks to be less irritated by smooth, invisible plastic aligners, compared to more abrasive metal braces. Though you need to wear your clear aligners at least 22 hours a day in order for them to be effective, you can remove SureSmile aligners. In this way, your diet, and your daily dental hygiene practices are unaffected. An issue with metal braces is that regular brushing or flossing is noticeably more challenging. Certain foods are difficult to eat with metal braces, and can even cause breakages that would result in the need for repairs and additional appointments. These concerns regarding comfort and convenience can be avoided when choosing SureSmile.

What Can I Expect From Life With SureSmile Aligners?

While SureSmile Aligners are invisible on your teeth, you may be curious about how this commitment will impact your day-to-day life. When you first get your aligners, you may find that when you speak, you may have a slight lisp. This is temporary, and you can get used to speaking with your new aligners. Expect to keep up excellent oral hygiene, as you would want to prevent the aligners from trapping sugars and bacteria on your teeth. Just as coffee, tea, or red wine can stain your teeth, these beverages can stain your aligners as well. It is recommended that you remove your aligners when drinking beverages that are not plain water. 

What Can I Expect From My Initial SureSmile Appointments?

At Hallock Family Dental, we’re glad to offer SureSmile because of its highly personalized treatment plan. During your first appointment, we will take photos to ensure that your aligners are custom-made for your dental needs and cosmetic goals. These photos are sent to the SureSmile Digital Lab so that their advanced technology can create a customized and comprehensive treatment plan just for you. Once your aligners and Patient Kit are ready, you can look forward to embarking on your journey to a better smile.

Who Is A Good Candidate For SureSmile Aligners?

You might have heard of Invisalign, but when it comes to correcting simple cases, or more complex issues such as big tooth gaps and severe overbite, SureSmile is a much more effective choice. If you wonder if your cosmetic dental concerns can be corrected by SureSmile aligners, call Hallock Family Dental and schedule a consultation today!


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