New Year, New Smile: 5 Dental Health Resolutions

As the new year approaches, you’ve probably started thinking about your New Year’s resolutions. Maybe you’re thinking about saving money, getting a better job, or losing weight. Many people set new goals for a healthier lifestyle in the new year. Why not make a New Year’s resolution to improve your dental health? Hallock Family Dental in Texas recommends the following dental health resolutions for the new year: 

1. Visit the dentist regularly

2. Make your oral hygiene a priority

3. Invest in your smile 

4. Protect your teeth from damage

5. Get enough calcium 

Determination can keep your teeth healthy, and each of these strategies will go a long way toward giving you a brighter, healthier smile for years to come. 

1. Visit The Dentist Regularly

Routine dental checkups at least every six months are essential for dental health. Regular visits and a good relationship with your dentist and hygienist will ensure that any medical conditions and/or problems are detected early and addressed rapidly. These visits are your first line of defense against cavities as well as other more serious dental diseases and even oral cancer. It’s important to make regular visits a new habit.

 Fear of going to the dentist is very common. As a result, many people put off regular cleaning visits. However, the longer you wait to fix your dental problems, the more difficult it will be to straighten them. Tell your dentist you are nervous. Talk to them and share your fears. Often you will find that simply playing them and letting a professional put you at ease is enough to calm you down. 

2. Make Your Oral Hygiene A Priority

Acids and carbohydrates can cause tooth decay. So avoid them whenever possible, and you’ll improve your dental health and your waistline. If you can’t resist the occasional sweet treat or carbohydrate, you should simply brush your teeth after consuming unhealthy foods and drinks. Making sure you brush for the recommended two minutes ensures that you wash away all the particles left behind. To ensure you brush for long enough, use a timer or an electric toothbrush with soft bristles and a built-in timer. Drinking plenty of water is also important, as it will not only improve your overall health but your dental health as well. 

Most people know that it is important to floss every day, but they commonly do not. If you take an effort in the coming year to increase your flossing, you could reduce your risk of gum disease and tooth decay. Plus, you’ll have fresher breath!  

3. Invest In Your Smile

Your smile may be the first characteristic people notice about you. If you’re embarrassed about smiling because your teeth are out of shape, stained, or crooked, there are a few changes you can make in the New Year to counteract these problems and get some relief. Oral health problems are insidious meaning once they start, they will only get worse if left untreated. The sooner you can restore your smile after tooth decay or injury, the better. If you have cavities, chipping, or other dental damage, restore your smile to avoid unnecessary further damage.

4. Protect Your Teeth From Damage

In addition to keeping your smile healthy with preventive care, you can also change your habits to protect your smile. Many dental emergencies can be avoided if you take the proper measures to preserve your teeth. Some actions you can take to safeguard your teeth are:

  • Wear a sports mouthguard when playing contact sports, as other players, sports equipment, or hard surfaces can damage your smile

  • Using a protective mouthguard for teeth grinding and clenching (bruxism) and temporomandibular joints

  • Do not use your teeth for anything else other than chewing

  • Quit your smoking or tobacco habits

  • Switch to sugar-free gum

5. Get Enough Calcium 

Calcium is an important nutrient our bodies need for strong bones and teeth. Children are encouraged to drink milk so they can grow strong but adequate calcium intake is just as important for adults. Calcium keeps the roots of your teeth strong and ensures they stay firmly in your gums. Common sources of calcium are dairy products such as milk, yogurt, and cheese. Calcium-rich plant foods include tofu, beans, kale, and chia seeds. 

If you are ready to try one of our recommended New Year resolutions contact us today to schedule an appointment. Hallock Family Dental has been providing implants, CEREC Same-day crowns, SureSmile aligners, and a variety of dental treatments to the surrounding community for over 10 years. Using the latest digital technology, we ensure you get the best possible results. Call Allen’s office immediately at 972-390-7200 or McKinney’s office at 972-547-1775.


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